Our vision is to build a strong community where kids are safe, nurtured and encouraged to grow to their full skills and abilities.

Our approach is designed, and tailor made to fit our children. We believe in holistic approach that enables each child to unlock the best out of his social, emotional, physical, and intellectual abilities.

Every little child is a unique and divine entity, full of potential. Our commitment is to provide the safest highest quality childcare and education to allow our kids to glow into the best version of themselves.


Ignite the brain!
Our aim is to inspire children to become great thinkers, competent communicators and to build positive personality by providing high quality education and childcare in safe, empowering, and inclusive environment that build a strong base and foundation for our children.

Kinder Land Preschool provides-

  • Bilingual education facilities- French and English Curriculums
  • Helping in developing self-confidence and a positive attitude
  • Follow an international curriculum- International Early Years
  • Curriculum Safeguarding and security are intensely satisfied

Our Core Values

In Kinder Land preschool, we adapted the 8 major Personal Learning Goals, that have been designed in a child-friendly version to match their Early Years pedagogy.

Enquiry: I can ask questions!

(To find out more and show an interest)

Resilience: I don’t give up!

(To keep on going even when things get tricky)

Morality: I know what is okay and what is not!!
(To do the right thing and make good choices)

Communication: I can tell!
(To think about what we want to say and how to say it)

Thoughtfulness: I think about others at my work!
(To be a good listener, to think about others, to think about our learning)

Cooperation: I can help!
(To be able to learn and play together)

Respect: I am kind and gentle!
(To be kind to others and look after ourselves)

Adaptability: I can try new things!
(To try new things)